Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Remember me?!!

Hey guys!

Just a couple of my most recent outfits taken from my instagram account!

I love changing my look as often as my underwear so one day I will be in a floral playsuit and the next day I will be head to toe in black! Isn't that what's so fun about dressing up?

I haven't made any crazy investments this season, sticking to key pieces that can be brought back to life in winter and autumn - that said I have bought a few coral jackets to pick up outfits and white barely there sandals are a personal must for this time of year - a perfect outfit 'pick me up'. Pastels, such as baby blue are great investments as are icy enough to continue wearing winter! 

Please so check out more of my outfits via my instagram - contourcrazy - but I promise you will no longer have to do that as I'm going to be prepping weekly posts!

Lots of love x

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